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Coaching Services!

With Chaz Fliy 'The Creative Connector' Company CEO



Running your own creative business is amazing but it can also be really overwhelming. You’ve probably found yourself feeling low after comparing yourself to others at some point along your journey, and wished you had someone to speak to.

As your creative coach, I’ll be your work coach and raving fan all the way. I’ll act as your soundboard, pick you up when your inner confidence is low and help you create a strategic plan of action so you can reach your goals in a way that suits you.

Have an idea for a brand but need help turning it into a reality?

Working towards a launch but feel confused and lacking in confidence?

Already on the market but want some expert accountability to push your business further? I can help you...


Business & CEO Development

  • Habits to strengthen personal performance

  • Setting yourself up to deliver your goals

  • Delegation & streamlining to support expansion

Business operations

  • Financial planning to workout your budget

  • Administration to make sure you’re covered


Business operations

  • Financial planning to workout your budget

  • Administration to make sure you’re covered



  • Brand personality creation to build a powerful creative brand

  • Defining your USP so you stand out in a crowded marketplace

  • Customer clarity so your business serves needs

  • Branding and visual aesthetic strategy so you’re consistent

  • Communication strategy to speak to your audience in a way that strikes a chord

  • Market proposition and validation to ensure your products sell

  • Product design and range building

  • Trend forecasting so you’re always one step ahead

  • Design research strategy to create innovative products that exceed expectations

  • Product development management to turn design concepts into a profitable reality

  • Supplier selection to build a brand-fit infrastructure

  • Relationship management to nurture and grow winning manufacturing partnerships

  • Critical path management to deliver expectations

  • Planning innovative Ad campaigns

Sales and distribution

  • Trading tactics to maximise profit and strengthen brand performance

  • Sales forecasting to deliver profit goals and targets

  • Distribution strategy to reach and sell to a wider audience

  • Approaching and pitching to buyers to secure retail partnerships

  • Creating Sales Funnels


  • Pricing your product and services for ultimate sales

  • URL and IRL key channel strategy to connect with your audience

  • Content strategy to attract and retain your customer

  • Instagram marketing to generate epic sales, website traffic and returning customers

  • Collaboration strategy to reach a wider audience

  • Customer experience strategy to leave a lasting impression

  • Creative direction to ensure you’re always on brand

  • Video & Photography Production Tutorials

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Support



I’ll motivate and excite you whilst ensuring you get the results you want in the best time frame possible. I’ll train and support you, so we can work together towards the CEO life you not only desire, but deserve. Be prepared for lots of laughs and tons of fun along the way. Your business can be a big business, but we don’t have to be serious all the time. I believe it’s also super important to be kind. And share the occasional milestone pic.



A 30min Zoom call is great if you are unsure if coaching is for you or you want to know more about your Coach. In this call, we discuss the brands current positioning and outline a vision of where the brand can be. We will establish which parts of the business require attention and where you might be having both business and creative blocks. After the call, you are not obliged to sign up with any program but to really take any business to the next level some of us need roadmaps, strategies and accountability partners to remain committed.

Investment: FREE (We will simply require a £20 deposit which is refundable after the call)


A 4 Hour in Person or Zoom call, these 1-on-1 sessions are perfect if you need to gain real clarity or want help planning the strategy for your brand. Following a deep dive into your business to discover where you want to be and what’s holding you back, together we’ll identify the exact goals and results you want to achieve, and then work backwards to map out actionable steps you feel comfortable implementing to make sure you deliver sustainable, profitable results. You’ll walk away from our call equipped with a plan of action tailored to your needs, and a new level of confidence to go and get those results!

What’s included?

  • A 4 Hour 1-on-1 or Zoom consultation. This call is ideal if you’ve not yet started a brand, or have a startup and are feeling like you need to shine brighter.

  • Video recording of the session so you can re-watch in your own time

Investment: £295 (Your Money Back if you do not leave feeling excited and wowed!)  If you join the coaching program this amount will be deducted.




A 3, 6 or 12 month programme (determined upon application), through high-touch coaching, project management and accountability, I’ll be your very own business BrandMan helping you to smash all your CEO goals. I will totally commit to motivating and exciting you into making the results you need in the best time frame possible.

I will strategically guide you on your journey to achieving your business goals, and together we will build that Cosmopolitan -worthy business life you’ve been dreaming of.

What’s included?

  • Bi-weekly 60 minute Zoom coaching calls for strategic direction, advice and planning

  • Monday-Friday Voxer support with regular check-ins from me

  • Access to project management software (strategy, actions, tasks, resources) for accountability

  • Worksheets and templates to help you implement strategies we put in place

  • Introductions to my extensive network of industry and business contacts

  • Continuous motivation, support and positive vibes from me to keep you lifted and inspired to reach those CEO goals

**In-person support (ie. meeting to attend supplier visits, photoshoot sessions etc) are available at additional cost.

This programme is for Creative CEOs that are ready to invest in their brand and turn their dreams into reality.


You’ll need to be success-driven, committed to taking onboard all of my hands-on support and be willing to get started with our agreed plans straight away. It’s the only way you’ll see results!


3 month programme investment: 3 x £850 monthly instalments or £2295 one-off upfront payment

6 month programme investment: 6 x £850 monthly instalments or £4335 one-off upfront payment

12 month programme investment: 12 x £850 monthly instalments or £8160 one-off upfront payment

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