10x the creative self

Enhance Innovation, Intuition, Imagination Using Spiritual Intelligence.

  • Introduction to powerful esoteric teachings; creative intelligence, sound, guided and meditation

  • Developing the speed and ease with which you come up with new and creative ideas

  • Using your ability to see things from different angles, including your ability to use all your senses in the creation of new ideas

  • Producing ideas that are unique and unusual

  • Developing your creative flow and pushing it to their limits

  • How to remove creative blocks and channel creative energy

  • Explore what other great innovators know that has been kept a secret for far too long




Beginners Guide

Revealed: Everything You Need To Start Create A Great Brand, Photos & Video.

  • 1 Day Beginners Intensive Crash Course.

  • How To Create A Personal, Brand Identity.

  • 101 Photoshop Tutorial.

  • Compose Amazing Selfies & Photographs.

  • Film & Edit For Social Media.

  • Learn Secret Insider Techniques, Hacks & Tricks.

  • Step By Step Workshop Setting

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Revealed: Everything You Need To Start A Business, Get Focused & Create Raving Fans

  • How To Create A Strong Personal & Business Brand

  • Creative Scaling Opportunities & Strategies

  • Live Critique & Strategy Sessions - Hear About The Exact Insider Strategies That Are Working Right Now 

  • Today's Essential Business & Marketing Growth Hacks

  • 101 Video Making & Editing Tutorials

  •  Mindset Reset Method. Planning Goals & Developing Focus Techniques

  •  How To Grow Your Followers & Build Your Tribe

  • How To Stand Out From The Crowd & Get Noticed

  • Social Media Marketing 101 Leverage The Power of Digital Marketing

  • Simple Solutions To Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams

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