JUNE  2ND 2018


Join Us To:

Explore Essence of Your Creative Self and 10X Your Creative Flow

Discover Technologies For You To Unleash Your Genius

How To Connect with Your Inner Innovative Ideas

Experience Zen & Yogic Sound Meditation & Visualisation Techniques with Yogi Amandeep

A Traditional Yogic Sound Meditations & Visualisation Techniques. Including a Gong Bath.


What did Steve Jobs, George Lucas, and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? Was it that they created some of the biggest creative phenomena to date? Apple, Facebook, Star Wars or was it their innate innovative vision and mindset to change the world as we know it?


Day to day it is easy to lose track of who we are, lose touch with our creative intelligence. We may know our worth but may not think we have the mental or physical capacity to create. What if you had more to give and didn't know what kind of creative genius you really were.

Well, the truth is you ARE creative in your daily decisions and capable of accessing the next big idea, being the next Zuckerberg and Jobs. You have the power to view the world through different filters and discover your own talents and bring ideas to life, which is why CreateIn Flow has created this amazing experiential workshop to 10X the Creative Self.


Everyday you use your creative intelligence in the corporate world or with your businesses, like an artist. Everyday you are helping people around you produce new ideas and solutions but what if you were able to super-charge this?


The leaders and innovators of today experienced something that gave them their edge, they discovered a truth that became their vision and story and now in one workshop we are giving you the opportunity to discover how the innovative greats used the power of the mind, the power of meditation, the power of mantra to innovate and create.


You can access new ways, new ideas, creative thoughts and flow states too, with a flick of a switch.


Join Chaz Singh Fliy & Yogi Amandeep for a dynamic, transformational workshop that will ignite your spirit and fire up your creative potential. The course will feature the power of sound and powerful Kundalini techniques and simple but deep meditations to break through your creative blocks and open your creative intelligence.


Truly an event of expanded awareness of your own creative fire.


This is what you will learn about the CREATIVE SELF


The 3 Step Science of Creative Intelligence

Creative Flow States

How To Connect with Your Inner Innovative Ideas

Zen & Yogic Sound Meditation & Visualisation Techniques with Yogi Amandeep

The Science of Thought and Creative Intelligence





All you need to do is to register your free ticket to attend this event now. All our past events have been oversubscribed so book your space now to avoid disappointment,



This workshop for all levels. All break out or workbook exercises, kundalini meditations will all be guided from an induction level. 



We believe that if you want something in life, you need to create it. You are either creating your unconscious needs fix your past or you are creating ideas and opportunity from your Creative Genius know that you are powerful already. This work is based on Structural Creativity, Zen and Yogic Principles. There is truly nothing like it available anywhere which is why we make the event limited and very special. Our last event was a huge success and was considered to have had over delivered and excellent value.


I promise you no hype. No woo-woo. Just the truth about what it takes to Discover your great Genius to create a purposefully, fun, abundant life.

I look forward to seeing you there!

About Yogi Amandeep Singh


Yogi Amandeep is an Indian born master yoga teacher, mystic, and scholar. He received spiritual teaching from masters, yogis, monks, sages, and saints of the great wisdom traditions, including Sikhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Sufi, the twelve schools of Nath yogis, the Nirmala scholar tradition of Guru Gobind Singh, the Udasi yoga traditions of Baba Siri Chand, as well as close study of the six philosophical schools of Eastern thought. Like his master — Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga — Yogi Amandeep travels far and wide to share wisdom. Following the footsteps of his master, Yogi Amandeep dedicates service and energy to upholding the integrity of yogic science and history that extends back to yoga's ancient Vedic origins to its present-day legacy of Kundalini Yoga and Oneness Consciousness.


Yogi Amandeep is a compassionate master who attracts those who seek to experience the deepest dimensions of their own consciousness. To learn more about Yogi Amandeep Singh, please visit his website at www.yogiamandeepsingh.com

About Chaz Singh Fliy


Chaz Singh Fliy is an award-winning Creative Director, Film Maker and also Founder of Create In Flow, a company that champions creative education through powerful self-awareness exercises and experiences.



Over hundreds of businesses have been positivity affected by his unique style, vision, and ability to deliver ideas through to creation.

His mission is to help others get unstuck, live free and to their ultimate creative and innovative potential.

Through powerful kundalini meditation, exercises and visualisation techniques he was able to elevate his life and entrepreneurial career using powerful mindset and meditation hacks that achieved positive results.


Over the last 10 years, he has been practicing and mastering Creative Intelligence and Kundalini Teachings. He now teaches people how to see the world through a different lens and experience awareness by removing filters. Over the last 3 years, Chaz has created an audience around the world for his quirky approach to fashion, lifestyle and creative involvement in projects. With speaking engagements about innovation and popular courses now introduced into schools and corporate sectors, Chaz Singh Fliy is rapidly becoming recognised for his purpose to serve.